• I was at the top of the tallest tree. I looked down upon the world. Sirens beaming, cars crashing,birds singing, buildings falling, people screaming. People saving lives, yet dying afterwards. It's all too much for words. City lights checkered, aligned with the stars. Slides and swings, and monkey bars. Kids laughing, parents dying. More kids crying, parents running. Music playing wonderfully. Everything moving. The wind whistling. The sun screaming. The clouds crying. Everything's moving. Except for me. On the top, of the tallest tree.
    I spread my arms, and then lean forward. The wind now yelling, the sun loudly screaming, the clouds continue to cry. I descend horizontally, as I grow wings. They spread and I begin to fly. Gliding over the world, as the sound of it begins to fade. I feel the wind, I faintly hear the sun. The clouds become calm. I glide across the atmosphere, as my wings depart. I descend calmly, as the sounds arise. The clouds go to hysterics, as the sun screams and blinds. The wind whistles louder, as I see the world once again. I curl up, and hit the surface of frustrated waves. The waters reach for the sky, as I continue towards the floor. I rest at the bottom, then ascend, and see the open door. I grab the weaving tail, of a great dark whale. I return to the world and hear it all. I progress further, then I fall. The sounds close around me as I wait for the end. I'm curled on the grass, and in the sand. Then I feel it. It all fades away. I smile as I figure; It's over. Here's the End. There's little light, and no more day.