• I haven't known you for long
    But you're already my hearts song
    From the day you looked in my eyes
    The day you wiped my tears when I cried

    I know you'll be there for me
    When I am sad and in happy
    You have finally set me free
    From all the hurt that struck my heart in the third degree

    You've held me many a time
    I can finally say you're mine
    Will you always be like this?
    Having love with every kiss

    I want to be like this forever
    Die, in love, we will never
    To this day I love you with all my soul
    This is everything, even my heart, in whole

    You're my everything I ever dreamed for
    Oh yes and so much more
    I have given you my heart
    Please take care of it and never break it apart

    Would you keep me safe?
    Shield me from the rain
    Take away the pain
    You've driven me totally insane

    It's starting to get dark
    The minutes go by so fast
    I'm alone and lost in my past
    It's growing on me, being alive is so vast

    I'm throw away all that
    You've took me from the worst
    Me, Myself, and I used to be in combat
    Thankfully, you saved me from my thirst