• I am prehistory – what I have seen
    People speculate but they do not know
    “All those crazy fishes – what do they mean?
    “How does it work and why?” they sadly crow.

    If only they knew the world’s great past
    When fish first crawled on to land
    Long before humans swept away the proud last
    of ancient creatures with their callous hand.

    If only they could realize it is bad
    To have destroyed the quagga and dodo.
    As well as the mammoths – It makes me mad!
    And they just sit and drink their hot cocoa.

    If only you could go extinct about now
    Or at least follow peaceful ways like Tao.

    Realize that the earth’s not 6,000 years old!
    Just go back 500 million years ago
    There was life there, dwelling in the sea’s cold
    For all you know, there’s a fish shaped like a Lego.

    If only you could climb a strange kind of rope
    Taking you to the dinos you adore
    You look at what you want, and I can hope
    You get eaten by a tyrannosaur!

    If only you could see the latest era
    Witness the age of mammals! (And big birds)
    Find a monkey you like and name her Sarah.
    And see humans, the first to invent words.

    And if only you could come back to my
    Sweet, sweet Archean before you all die.