Time to return, it’s time to go
    To our places of fun, to the places we know
    Back when we met all those years ago

    VERSE 1:
    Oh, the games we played
    All the things that we did
    The trouble we managed to find
    Jumping around, causing havoc
    Running around till we passed out.


    VERSE 2:
    New things for us, new fights too
    Said we would never do it again
    Talking-Well what a lie to tell
    It’s the best time we had, and it’s all because of you
    Yea, all because of you.

    VERSE 3:
    Don’t forget all the good times
    (Fade out) And don’t forget about the bad
    Remember all our time together
    Because it’ time to move on
    Time to make some new memories