• Can't Escape

    She can't escape the lonely nights,

    She can't escape the terror and frights.

    She can't escape the demons she made,

    She can't escape the fates that need to be paid.

    She can't escape all the wrongs going on now,

    But she'll find a way, some way, some how.

    Help her escape all of her dread,

    She can't escape all the monsters under her bed.

    She needs help to find a way out,

    But her head is filled with all her doubt.

    She can't find the door out of this room,

    She can't find help, is she truly doomed?

    She cries for help but no one hears,

    No one knows or sees her tears.

    This room so dark she can not part,

    Only to find this rooms her heart.