• I miss your kiss....
    I miss your touch....
    I miss it all so much..
    And it scares me now.

    I was never supposed to fall in love..
    But now that I have, I can't let you go.
    I cherish the memories...
    I worry about the future, cause I'm not in yours.

    I knew my heart would be broken sooner or later.
    I try to regret all that I have done with you.
    but I cant, it's stuck to me like glue.
    I just miss you so much.

    I hate seeing you around.
    hate it cause we never say one thing to each other.
    I know you told me to forget the past and move on.
    I know it's gone but I still can't let go.

    No matter where I am in 5 or 10 years I'll still remember it.
    I just want you to know....
    That I will never let the memories go