• That emo girl, that emo girl
    she doesn't belong in this world,
    those crazy clothes she likes to wear,
    but nobody really seems to care.

    She doesn't look, she doesn't see,
    opens up for nobody,
    narrow line she can't decide,
    everything short of suicide.

    She never hurts, it nearly works,
    maybe that's why people treat her like dirt,
    here's something to make it worse,
    she keeps a razor in her purse.

    She knew she was dead all along,
    so she writes a list of what is wrong,
    she is standing right in front of you,
    I guess you could'nt love her if you wanted to.

    Her heart has started to seperate,
    if she doesn't talk now she will surely break,
    how much longer can she wait...
    it's like she wanted to give herself away.

    She loses control,the razor comes out,
    there's no one around to calm her down,
    she cuts her wrists and blood comes out,
    she lies and dies; there is no doubt.

    He comes to see her lying face down,
    tears come out but it's too late now,
    he sings her a sweet melody,
    then kills himself;that boy...was me.