• Sword-Dance

    Come! Come! The duel has begun!
    Come all, come one!
    So wonderful, so famed!
    The lovely Titania has proclaimed:

    She will marry the man who defeats her
    In a sword-dance! A sword-dance!
    A duel! A duel! Her hand for a duel!

    Many men have tried, but to no avail
    All too slow, too weak…they all fail!
    The princes, the soldiers, the beasts even
    All fall, cut up, bruised, beat up and cleaven

    Titania flips her lovely blonde tresses
    She is no flimsy girl who cares only for dresses!
    Her sword is sharp, and her strikes are refined
    Merciless, cunning, heart-stopping, divine!

    Oh, what’s this! The Duke strides in
    He bows low to Titania, ignoring the din
    Milady, says he, I have come for your love
    Slipping out the silver rapier from its glove

    The sword-dance! The beautiful sword-dance!
    Titania, the deadly, his heart she will lance!
    Together, then apart; skin grazing skin
    The Duke steps back, then thrusts under her chin

    Still as statues they stand…
    A kiss at swordpoint, from woman to man…
    Gasps and sighs, such a beautiful thing…
    The love of Titania and the newly crowned King