• The rain pours down on the street
    It comes down making a unique beat
    It pounds relentlessly on the ground
    An unseen drum beating out its sound
    Bare feet slap at the wet ground
    Spraying water all around
    Thunder and lightning over her head
    Dancing ever so lightly even with the wet weighing like lead
    Her skirt flowing like the rain around her
    Droplets flying from her long hair as it whips around her
    Little rivers running down her skin and face
    A content expression on her face as she dances all over the place
    A wind ripples through the air
    As she dances without a care
    And in the garden where she danced
    Moving fluidly almost like in a trance
    The raindrops glistening on the flowers
    Shining with the sunlight that peaks through making the thunder cower
    And as the storm finally ends and the clouds clear away
    The rain dancer does not stay
    And if your quick you'll catch a glimpse of her retreating form
    But don't worry...she'll be back for the next storm