• You there, the girl in the fire

    eyes full of fear and angry desire

    why are you there, I must inquire?

    in a position so fatal and so alarmingly dire

    She is a witch, or so they say

    in league with darkness, fearing the day

    I cry, how so has she lost her way

    full of faith that will never decay

    She worships the devil or so they lie

    this falsehood she must deny

    yet her voice is choked, she cannot cry

    so I must watch, helpless, while she will die

    My sister, not of blood, is now dead

    before her first child, before she is wed

    for the Goddess, her blood was shed

    she followed full of faith where She led

    Years ago, many suffered this

    some when an elder, some before the sun's first kiss

    they died in the dying embers hiss

    all of them we shall miss

    So accept us for not our religion but ourself

    don't judge by poverty, nor by enormous wealth

    even when some are slow and some with great stealth

    judge us not by religion or even health