• Mommy: Daddy Isnt here

    Girl: Where is he? is he coming back? 3nodding 4laugh

    Mommy: Daddy Went Bye Bye

    Girl: Is Daddy Coming So0n? question ( neutral

    Mommy: Im sorry Sweety..but daddy moved


    later that nigth the girl ran off in the nigth in search for her dad...he stopped at his friend's house who told her she moved to florida...somehow she managed to get on a plane to go there...sadly..her mom freaking out at home

    half way there the plane crashed...the lil girl didnt survive..no one did... crying

    the mom later identifies the girls body and buried her...while the dad cries and cries the mom is in the kitchen cutting herself..hours later...dead on the flo0r...dad is no alone with no one but the friend that felt resposible for the lil girl's death..... emo cry crying late one night on the lil girl's birthday..the father [now a cop] heard a noise

    he came out of his bedr0om and pulled a gun out to be safe

    Father: who's there??

    Lil Ghost: It's me daddy..i missed you...

    the father turned white as his dead daughter in front of him

    Lil Ghost: don't be scared daddy..I LOve You... heart heart heart

    Father: I love You t0o angel...

    the ghost then began to fade away as midnight approached...

    Lil Ghost: lo0ks like my time is up daddy...Byyyeeee i Love You

    the daughter then fades away into nothing....the father breaks down and cries on the flo0r and takes his gun to his head...

    Father: WE WONT BE GONE LONG...

    the father then pulls the trigger...and dies on the flo0r... cry