• No Soul to Burn
    No Arms to Slash
    No One to Care
    If She Lives Through the Night

    Her Heart is Taken
    Her Mind is Lost
    Her Dreams are Dark
    In a Room Full of Light

    Nothing to Guide Her
    Nothing to Carry Her
    Nothing to Bury Her
    When She Ends it All

    Doubting Her Life
    Doubting Her Strength
    Doubting Herself
    With the Whole World Looking On

    She Can't Hold On
    She Can't Keep On
    She Can't Go On
    With The Emptiness Inside

    So She's Stopped It All
    So She's Taking A Break
    So She's Searching Again
    To Find Herself A Home

    Without Knowing a Thing
    Without Knowing What Next
    Without Knowing Herself
    She's Empty Within Eien