• When you look into my eyes,

    it’s a feeling I just can’t describe.

    You never have to say anything,

    because I know just what you're thinking.

    I look back on our time spent together,

    and I see myself with you forever.

    Someday I would love to go through life,

    with pride knowing that I'm your wife.

    We have gone through a lot,

    and the memories we share will not be forgot.

    I find myself in love more and more each day,

    which is why I'd be crushed if you ever went away.

    I've learned that life is too short to be sad,

    but through our happiness together, I'm glad.

    The love that we share is great,

    which is why I would forever wait.

    Wait until the day comes when you're ready,

    to be something more than just going steady.

    Can’t wait until the day I can go to bed at night,

    knowing I'll wake up with you holding onto me so tight

    To be yours forever would be a dream come true,

    which is why I want to marry you.

    Your eyes have captured my heart,

    and that is something I will never part.

    Your smile brightens up each day,

    which is why I'd be so sad, if you ever went away.

    After all of this I'll say it again:

    When you look into my eyes,

    it's a feeling I just can't describe.

    Please promise me we'll stick together through and through,

    and that our love will always be true.