• The rain on my finger tips
    The thunder in my soul
    Lighting in my eyes
    I have nowhere else to go
    The liquid crystals
    Dampen my wings
    I have nowhere to fly,
    The moon, it sings
    Still calling me home
    Sorry to tell you,
    I can't go
    My heart belongs on the sunset
    My soul is in the moon
    My body stays on earth,
    Could I be more confused?
    Trying to find my place
    Here, or among the stars?
    Fallen angels never know
    everywhere they go, we get scarred
    Just leave the questions for later,
    you'll never understand
    the pain I have,
    the weight i carry in my hands
    I'll just follow the moonlight,
    to see where it will go
    because things can surprise you
    and with the moon you never know