• You've made it this far,
    But you've got aways to go
    you have your whole life ahead of you,
    And those you care about are behind you the whole way.
    I'll stand by you as long as you want me to
    Follow your dreams and you will go far
    I'll always will be there,
    Even if I''m not with you.

    Near of Far,
    You will always be in my heart,
    There might be many hardships
    I know you'll get through them,
    No matter how hard they may seem or are,
    Laugh at yourself and have fun,
    Be serious when you need to be
    But you know that one already.
    Keep that inner child inside
    Just show it every once in a while,
    There will be choices you will have to make that may change you life,
    And you will change over time,
    Even if you may not notice them.
    But try to keep that Charles I know
    Live your life by how you wish or deem it,
    And not how others wish or deem it.