• I leave this message so I can learn from you.

    It wasn’t easy I have to tell you the truth.

    All this time I thought I hated you.

    Well, the truth was, I loved you and that’s a fact.

    There’s times when things go wrong, and we don’t see eye to eye,

    But I’m glad you were there at my baseball game cheering me on that time.

    Earlier in our lives I couldn’t stand you always being by my side,

    Looking after me like a little child in the crowd.

    I didn’t realize who much you really cared for me,

    Until you left the day, and went on into the night.

    I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you this earlier, but I couldn’t get myself to confess.

    I wanted to talk to you, before you left.

    If there’s anything I could do to get you back,

    I would make sure I do it right this time,

    To trust you more than you did me,

    To accept you as being a brother to me.

    I only hoped to tell you this once, but it wasn’t the first message I left.

    If you ever get this, can you reply?

    Please forgive me; I’m telling the truth.

    Can you reply to this message, so I can learn from you?