• The mood is dark and no one stirs,
    Although I am careful not to wake them.
    What would they do if they knew my plans tonight?
    I'm sure out their mouths would spill words of shame.
    Would they scream at the sight of that crimson pool?
    Or would they gawk at my lack of expression?
    For at them I'd stare blankly, and them back at me.
    The air thickens as grows the tension.
    I knew what they'd say as they know not of what I do
    Each night in my solitude. Poor fools have no clue
    Of the tormented soul that lies behind the eyes
    Of this seemingly perfect girl. Why, her skys are so blue!
    Her furture is so bright! But her past is a clutter
    Of weightless memories that weigh so heavily
    on a heart that can bare no more hurt.
    Her insides scream pain, but her outside sings so merrily
    To hide what is dreadfully clear to all of those
    Who are no blinded by their love for her.
    Shouldn't the shroud of love be clear, so that this life,
    An innocent life, can be sheltered
    From the evil of death. From the hate of ones self.
    From the tyranny that is suicide.
    No. I am destined to forever skate that blood red ice
    That has frozen along with my heart.

    A last whisper of an unknown source propels me,
    And with this gust of power I collide
    With my ever welcomed destiny