• I walk by myself
    I want you by my side
    I know I messed up
    You are still my everything

    Oh love forgive me
    Forgive my stupid soul
    Forgive my stupid heart
    Forgive me oh love
    Im still in love with you

    Forgive my weakness love
    embrase my strengths
    take me as I am
    I am always here

    Oh love
    No one will love you like I do
    No one will cry like I have
    I hate competing
    all these girls want your heart
    Baby one more chance to show you
    Show you how I really feel inside

    Please never lie
    I'm scared of the thought
    You with someone else is my nightmare
    Please don't make it reallity

    You are the sweet dream
    All I want
    My one true love
    My hearts only desire

    Please oh love
    one more try
    lets mend these hearts back to one
    forget everone else
    only you an me
    oh love please

    I can't forget you
    No matter how may times
    I tell myself you wont come back
    You'll never be mine
    I've already lost
    But still baby,
    Please give this train wreak one last ride
    Just one list ride
    Oh please baby,
    Just one.

    Just one.

    Just one.

    Just one more ride.