• Mirror mirror on my wall,
    Wont you tell the truth to all?

    Mirror mirror reflecting light,
    Wont you tell of my delight?

    Mirror mirror showing me,
    Wont you show for all ot see?

    Mirror mirror with a mind,
    You're really one of a kind.

    Who else takes pleasure in blood,
    Bathed in it, wherever I stood.

    None saw my crimes, my evils, my sins,
    When my world spirals and spins.

    When I take my knife to kill all I can,
    And that's where my story began.......

    This mirror I'm looking at,
    Which saw all that,

    My mirror, my precious, my love, my jewel
    And people wonder why I'm so cruel?

    It's my mirror that takes me in.
    When I drown in my own sin.

    All the lives that I took,
    And I've nowhere else to look.

    I stare at my mirror hard,
    And with my reflection I regard.

    All that I've done and I know I've no chance,
    Of ever stopping this elaborate dance.

    And I know the blood of so many,
    Will always stain my hands.

    My mirror, my precious, my love, my jewel
    I've no one else to turn to, but you.