• I want to feel,
    The darkness setting in.
    I want to see,
    Your breed suffer for your deeds.
    I want to know,
    Why you don't accept who they are,
    The deeper I search,
    The higher I climb,
    The faster I run,
    I can't find it.
    Everything I feel,
    Can it be real.
    Refered to as a defective model,
    So defected that one cannot scan itself?
    Can't i find,
    Myself in this darkness,
    Is it just me,
    Or is it darker than before.
    A bleeding heart,
    in a world where they just want to stab it some more,
    Your blood,
    Your hope,
    Their hands holding it all,
    And crushing it.
    Are we all not human
    Are we all not the same with our scientific processes?
    Does one person's blood flow differently from anothers?
    Does one person's heart beat make them think instead of pump blood?
    Why do we just want to harm each other?
    Why can't we all be happy?
    Is this just some futile dream!?
    Why is justice gone?
    Why do our leaders want us dead.
    Super hero sleeze bags,
    Villians our heroes.
    What has happened.
    I don't care if this has no flow!
    i don't care if no one lies this!
    You must relize!
    This world is all wrong!
    Those who we should praise,
    Those we should kill,
    In Power.
    I don't know
    Who I am
    I don't know,
    This world,
    One definiton
    Wanting to see people bleed,
    Wanting to heal the wounds the second we see.
    Hypocracy is the world we see.