• Abyss Of The Breaking Heart

    A great power over comes me.
    The power of fiendish lust and glories loathing rage…
    A gift from the heart?
    Or is it the effect of an averse Vail?

    My heart grows cold, my eyes begin to burn,
    and bleed rain drops of grim emotion.

    The clouds of the storm are overhead.
    I see not the path before me.
    I see not the stars.

    The demand’s call is heard in immoral echoes

    In this land of dark desire.
    I fall down the shaft of heartache.
    Nothing but darkness can be seen.

    I feel the ocean of fiends call for me.

    I reach out and touch nothing.
    I scream, but no one hears my sorrow.
    I cry out, for a glimmer of light,
    but not even the smallest star shows its glow for me.
    There is not hope in this commodious void
    I fear I am to suffer a life as a vagabond

    In life I see others in light.
    The more people I see in light the darker my land becomes

    As the light grows.
    My eyes burn a white flame
    forbidding me
    from she of my heart.

    To know the truth is pain.
    To know she’s gone.
    To know she loves me no more,


    To know she loves another.
    To know she feels for that guy,
    The way she felt for me.

    Can I alleviate the sorrow
    Or shall I continue to be deprived a cure.

    With out sham
    No matter the pain.
    The keeper of the scythe is still a foe of mine.
    This abyss shall not fully own me.
    And nether shall my ominous zeal

    In time I shall find love again.
    In time I shall find light.