• I don't give a damn anymore
    At least, that's what I've been telling myself
    And yet
    Whenever I see
    That you haven'y spoken to me
    Something fades a bit
    Because I know
    That I really so kind of care
    About you
    About what I thought was true
    But I guess
    I was wrong again

    I won't let it phase me
    I'm used to it
    I think....

    I don't care anymore
    Or so I think
    But then
    I see you talking to another
    And how you look right past
    Me and my hidden affection
    So why should I care?
    Because I always act the friend
    It may have been true once
    But I guess
    I'm just too late

    I don't let it phase me
    I'm used to It
    I think....