• When you start to understand,
    that a living thing cannot truly be multiplied by two,
    do you start to appreciate it more?
    When you feel your all alone,
    with only one other creature to accompany you,
    do you appreciate them anymore than you did before?

    People are so stupid.
    We live to die and cry.
    When other lives are lost,
    we start to wonder why.
    Does god hate us?
    We want to strike him with a 'bolt,
    but we trick ourselves and think,
    "No, it was all my fault."

    The inner pain and angst,
    we can never overwhelm.
    Because inside our heads,
    we've created our own realms.

    The pain starts with your mind,
    then goes for your flesh and blood,
    and soon you will be dead,

    and with the dead you will be one.