• Always
    I have to provoke your touch,
    but when you do I love it so much.
    Why can't you see,
    the way I act with you isn't just me?

    My heart leaps when I see you.
    I just don't know what to do.
    Tell you right out,
    or speak to you round about?

    I know I love you, but I fear,
    your rejection, dear.
    You just have a way,
    of breaking hearts as only you may.

    You're my best friend.
    I don't want that to end.
    Why can't we love?
    Is it interference from above?

    Every moment away,
    is like dying every day.
    We're so great together,
    but will our relationship weather?

    I just can't stand it anymore.
    I have to know right now.
    Love me or not,
    I will always love you so.