• biggrin


    Beth C

    i've never met you
    but we speak alot
    we both love music me and you
    your style and personality totaly rocks
    we both would draw, than go to school
    but i love writing poems when i'm in the mood
    we both have msn, it totaly rules
    i give you an online hifive dude
    you are my friend
    and iloveyou as a mate
    we have near trends
    and you loveto paint

    Hold Me

    hold me until the suffering is gone
    hold me while im all alone
    hold me in the bright moon
    hold me and show love tonight

    hold me in your arms today
    hold me until i am okay
    hold me as i were to die
    hold me as i sit here and cry
    hold me whilst my tears stroll out of my eyes

    hold me before i runnaway
    hold me like you never have
    hold me as we sit heer and chill

    hold me as it has been a dream
    something totaly make believe
    hold me as i fade away
    hold me in your life forever
    for the rest of my life.


    someone you love has half of your feelings
    when your sad there sad
    when your happy there happy.
    when your dead, they feel terible.
    because the feelings you gave to someone else,
    made her kill herself.

    My Angel

    I don't know you much
    but i know you well
    you look like an nurse angel
    who's just come to sell,
    me a new heart since i have none left,
    i looked at the price,
    and said who needs it,
    she looked at me
    and she said
    i'm your gardian angel
    what you feel i feel worse
    i looked at her and said sorry
    i don't know you much
    but i know you well
    you look like a nurse angel
    whos just come from hell.

    My Death Your Death

    we are so close
    yet so far
    i want to talk
    but you just stare
    i write you letters
    i write you notes
    when will you notice
    that i am here
    passing you notes
    you stare with fear
    is ther something wrong
    or is it just me
    i pass you another note
    and then you say;
    my dad hates me,
    my mums dead,
    it was all good before i was sad,
    i came here,
    and got dumped by the one i love,
    she thought i was cheating on her,
    she said she knew about my secret girl,
    i looked down,
    and she left.
    and know i'm here today,
    i blame it all on you,
    look up in the air as i kill you,
    she looked up and closed her eyes,
    and fell to the ground,
    a note shutterd through the air,
    iloveyou. so goodbye.
    the note was covered in blood.
    he thought what he had done,
    to his secret girl,
    afew days later,
    on the news and everywhere,
    the boy was dead, without a clue,
    a note shuttered from the air;
    i loveyouto. so goodbye.


    Something razor sharp,
    kisses her skin,
    everytime shes sad,
    her life is ruined,
    she accepts every razor kiss
    one night she was sad,
    the razor kissed her goodbye,
    she saw blood dripping down her arm,
    and sighlently said;


    your there with everyone
    i'm just on my own
    your singing happily
    i sing alone
    you find it easy
    and i find it hard
    to concintrate in class;
    you being the class joker
    i perfer to draw
    and have my drawing confiscated
    whilst your making everyone laugh
    you sitting there laughing
    i'd rather be quiet
    you would not think at all
    i'd think deeper than ever
    you'd you to bed
    i'll go to sleep
    you'll wake up the next day,
    and wonder if i'm there
    whilst i'm still sleeping

    Your Lies

    Everytime i see you,
    you repeat the same words,
    even though i love you,
    it really dosn't work,
    i know your hiding something,
    i know i'm just for show,
    i know you don't love me,
    but thinking 'bout that, makes me feel low.