• Beware the victimless love
    And be as vigilant as those who walk on glass shards
    So the double edged blade of deceit
    Not cut you into ribbons tattered so fine.

    To befriend one so sweet
    Was folly for one as repugnant as I;
    A plague hiding behind disingenuous golden orbs
    Tempting as always, but a great many secrets they do hold.

    Forged in the light of the moon
    As a hand stroked so delicately, so deceivingly
    And thus to a horrendous thing she was bound
    Forever with a scar, the frail mind of the youth was marked.

    So please, if you can find it deep within,
    Forgive the Player of Hearts
    With a soul now shattered
    She is the Joker of Calamity