• Forget that i was ever here,
    For your kindness is my greatest fear,
    Alone in the dark with nowhere to run,
    Do you really expect me to have fun?
    Leave my presence but only for a minute,
    Remember me again but remember to forget it,
    Look me in the face and see my crying eyes,
    Then turn and walk away with all of your dispise,
    You see me everyday but you never notice im there,
    All the time you've known me you've never really cared,
    Day and day go by without any repair,
    You notice that where i was is just an empty chair,
    One by one everyone started setting up flowers,
    Letting people know my life went suddenly sour,
    Every memory of me is lost in their mind,
    But everytime they see my ghost it's easy to find,
    Haunting them everyday and bringing up their fear,
    Making sure they never forget that i was ever here.