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    There are things in this world that you cannot see,
    Things that come to you in the middle of the night,
    Things that caused you to scream with agony.
    Screams with a burning passion that cannot be tamed,
    That cannot be stopped by it's own creator.

    Every thought festers in your unknowing mind,
    Boils up until it has nowhere else to go.
    They smile to themselves,
    Slowly taking over what you thought you had under control,
    What you thought you had all to yourself.

    It is something we all share.
    Yet with this fear grows a new life,
    A new thing to eat away at your insides little by little.
    The thing causes chaos in your world,
    Creates things that do not need to be there.

    It could be counted as a new leaf,
    A new world unknown to us,
    To you.
    But what will happen to all those that you love,
    All those who suffer as you frolic along in your dream world.
    They suffer a fate worse than death.
    They dream.

    Dream about the sun shining on their sour faces,
    Dream about the wind blowing onto the sea water,
    Dream about a new life without fear.
    Always dreaming but never reaching,
    Reaching their goal.

    With these word,
    I tell you something very clear.
    Do not fear.
    Do not dream,
    Do not live your life the way people tell you.
    Love what you cannot see things will work,
    They will work out for the better,
    For the worse,
    For you.