• As I lie here on this carpeted floor,
    I feel the cold air coming.
    I don't know what I'm lying her for,
    But inside my lips I am humming.

    This hum is a heartbreak,
    And it's all about you.
    My love you decided to take,
    And all of my passion too.

    You threw it away,
    Then found someone new.
    As my happiness decays,
    I think about you.

    You couldn't take what was wrong with me,
    And I know what I said was wrong,
    But then you told me we just couldn't be.
    This pain within has lasted long.

    I've suffered and been at my worst,
    But you would never yield.
    Then my suicidal attempts burst,
    And I lay in my bloody field.

    You still didn't refrain,
    And moved straight on.
    My heart melted into a bloody bain,
    And suddenly, you were gone.

    I wish I died,
    From your disdain,
    And the things you defied,
    And all of my pain.

    I hate you so,
    I hope I forget.
    Out of my life you go,
    I really wish we'd never met.