• I am the lonely shadow.
    See this shadow?
    Will he remain silent,
    Or will he burst through the light?!
    Shall he be in pain we that happens?
    We will never know of the lonely shadow.
    He reamins shrouded in darkness.
    No friends!
    No love!
    Will the pain ever cease...?

    He walks with us.
    We say he is invisible.
    He does have friends.
    But, they are so wierd.
    Just as he,
    his friends reamin sane.
    Or are they going insane
    From a pain hidden inside there soul?

    That pain hurts.
    It hurts deep enough.
    Deep enough,
    To force that lonely shadow,
    To exile himself awaya from those who care.

    The Lonely shadow shall remain forver lonely,
    Forever in shadow,
    and in darkness ever more...