• The days passed endlessly, my pain growing each second you were never seen
    Each day i'd sit and wonder, what you'd say, and what'd you do, the second that we were together, me and you
    At my table I'd sit and write, the things i could ask you on that day.
    Did you count the days you'd see me again,
    count the days we'd make up those memories.
    the ones we've lost over those days you were gone.
    I'd sit and ponder, till my mind fills with questions.
    the questions scatter within my mind.
    Becoming an uncomprehendable jumble.
    I sort them out, finding the one question i could ask.
    Why did you leave?
    The one question I wished you'd answer.
    But I will never know
    For the day I found out you were gone forever
    The questions were lost.
    We would never see one another.
    We would never make up those memories that I longed to spend with you.
    You now lay in the ground, the dirt burying any answers I wished too know.
    Father, Was this what you wanted?
    You never met me, you've never seen me..
    Is this what you truly wanted?
    Because Now that your gone, my hopes and dream remain crushed and buryed within your tomb within the earth
    Lost forever.
    never to be found, answered, or overcomed.