• The flowers bloom,
    But never stay
    Watch them as
    They all blow away

    Their beauty enchants
    And captures our hearts,
    But always turns on us
    And pelts it with darts.

    They leave us wanting
    They leave us waiting
    They take our breath
    And hold it until their death

    They blow away
    And what do we say,
    "It's only a flower"
    Until the last hour

    But they take a chunk of us
    And leave us in a fuss
    They make us scared
    And we think they cared

    It makes us afraid of love
    And cower from what's above
    Because we get attached,
    And think we are perfectly matched

    But we get left behind
    While they go off to find
    And discover
    Whatever they may uncover

    We must stay back
    As if we lack
    What we need to be with that kind
    While we think, "How could I have been so blind?"

    So we watch as they travel away
    On the wind
    Without even the descents to say
    "Good-bye" as they round the bend.