• The words that you say
    they are both psycho and vicious.
    Who puts who above all
    sprinkling words so fictitious?

    Your wit shows no candor,
    your face shatters in my head.
    No grace have you shown
    stop skipping your meds!!

    The world is no oyster,
    at least for you it sits putrid.
    The smell of your voice
    has brought desolate existence,
    all smart sitting coy,
    using people as toys.

    Who is that that thinks that HE is mighty,
    must display power and brawn.
    Thinks people who kiss your a** admire
    your ideas whenever the light bulb turns on,
    but they abscond with sarcasm
    that steals you blind,
    the fact that ignorance just messed up your mind.

    Its a matter of time when the tide shall turn.
    When your bottom floor is exposed just to be burned
    by the suns non fickle rays that society learns
    does both expose and reduce so finely in time,
    those who seek shelter in life's watery brine.