Its flesh rotting away
    Its blood londdried
    Its skin peeling away

    This is the carcous of the troubled youth

    She was beautiful
    she was smart
    She was strong and generous
    She had a heart of gold

    This was the youth before troubled

    She met a boy
    Pale as the ivory moon
    Eyes like a translucent miror
    Heart and soul like a viper

    This was the cause of all her pain

    She though he loved her
    She though ofhim highly
    She hid the bruised skin left behind
    She shoook away the lies and tales

    This was the youths mistake

    When he left she cried
    She thought herself as ugly and undignified
    She ran ran no where to go
    whatching the warm sweet crimnsom fluid run down her arm

    This was the youths end

    They found her alone in dispare
    Her ounce beautiful smile now vanished
    Her life taken
    He stands there grinning as he takes another victom away