• Do you hear me?
    Can you see me?
    I’m sitting right behind you
    Standing right beside you
    Did you notice me?
    Is it because I’m not perfect
    Because I’m not miserable
    Or do I just intimidate you?

    Are you purposefully ignoring me
    Or do you just not notice me?
    Even though I try to stand out
    I feel like I just blend in
    I try to speak
    But my voice gets lost in the crowd
    All the other voices drowning mine out
    Competing for your attention with all these other more interesting people
    That you seem to like more

    We used to be close
    We used to talk all the time
    You used to notice me
    But now
    I try to talk to you
    And you mutter a response
    And turn back to your more interesting friends
    I sometimes get the feeling that I am a burden unto you
    So I finally stop talking
    I stop trying to stand out

    You say you’re my friend
    But do you even remember me?