• My heart only knows what my mind denies

    that often inside, my lonely soul cries.

    A companion, a friend, a shoulder to cry on,

    I need one before my sense of self is gone.

    I tend to remain sad, ever alone

    but this fact, I keep it well unknown.

    But still it shows, still I fight to hide

    these feelings of turmoil, locked deep inside.

    I have only one hope, only one ray of light

    My only salvation that I can see in sight.

    I know that your rose upon my fallen heart

    can give this lost cause a new start.

    I want a partner, a close best friend

    that will stick by me, 'till way past the end.

    I want to be loved always, I want you to remain true.

    That way I wont ever fear doing the same for you.

    So wont you be my angel, someone whos always there?

    Wont you be the answer God sent to my prayer?