• Terror is an evil man in his 40’s
    He is repulsive, bloodcurdling and beastly
    His face is always covered by a mask his hands are covered with scars and bruises and he always wears big boots
    His home is an old broken-down mansion which no one wants to go near
    There’s always a full moon as well as lightning and thunder above it
    He wears an assassin’s suit which is covered with knives and other weapons
    He works as a local tour guide for the haunted house since he finds pleasure in scaring children
    In his spare time he enjoys torturing people
    His pals are fear, hate, rage, and betrayal
    He loves going out with his friends and making lives harder for their victims
    Terror’s worst enemies are bravery, heroism, and confidence
    They always tell kids how to stick up to Terror and his friends
    With him he has his knives
    His favorite is his machete which he carries at his side all the time
    His pet is a black widow which is as big as three tarantulas and hides in the corner of his house
    Terror is found every time you have a nightmare, a bad experience or even after watching a movie alone in the dark
    Terror is someone I could live without he makes you feel like your about to die and there is no hope what-so-ever
    Terror the monster under the bed