• Misery

    As I sit here asking myself why you do this to me.

    An answer rings out continually.

    That you never really wanted me.

    Was I just a there for convenience was I never meant

    to be.

    Pain is like a beating drum a never ending sea.

    A deep well that builds inside of me.

    A hot geyser biding its time to break free.

    Sometimes I am scared of it like something that's not


    I pray you do not add to it because you soon will see.

    My Dr. Jackal turn to Hyde and fill with rage and glee.

    A crazed rage that I enjoy, and that I decree.

    I am bursting now deep inside so please don't try to help me.

    Now you know my pain was not a lie or show for all to see.

    Because now I am not a rage, I am a mystery.