• In my dream, I saw thee.
    A wandering soul sitting beside me.
    What can I do to help thee?
    To make thy soul free.

    Thy golden color hair,
    Dancing gently in the air.
    The sweet smell of sunflower,
    That I can smell everywhere.

    When I look through thy eyes,
    I can see the blue sky.
    A calm, cold expressions,
    Contradicting thy emotions.

    The sweet face of maiden,
    That needs to be lighten.
    As I stretch thine hand to reach thee,
    I can feel that thou are far away from me.

    Thitherward thou must fly,
    In the world thou can find light.
    Tragic memories is enough,
    To be the reason for thee to be tough.

    As I stretched thine hands towards thee,
    Thou begin to fade and leave me.
    I am now alone standing here,
    In the place methinks is nowhere.

    I woke up and touch thine face,
    Cold tears running down in haste.
    Facing the cold color of reality again.
    Now, I know the thing I want to gain.

    Thanks to thee, my maiden...