• Rip off the wings and feed it nasty things
    Rip off the toes just to let him know
    Rip off the fingers and feed them to the one that hungers
    Rip out the tongue just because he moved and a bell rung

    So torture him slowly and painfully
    But remember not to kill him fully
    Let him live, but make him bleed
    Just satisfy this crazy need
    So throw salt on the wound and listen to him scream
    But never be as innocent as you may seem
    Let him cry, but don't let him die
    Just because he sees the demon glint in your eye

    Rip off the skin and hang it to dry, so very thin
    Rip off the feet just to put them in jars like they're so neat
    Rip off the hands and throw them blindly and see where it lands
    Rip out the the eyes to make sure he doesn't see how his future dies

    So tear away everything and leave him bleeding
    But show him no mercy when he screams about what he's needing
    Let him scream, but don't kill him
    Just fill your bloody cup to the brim
    So feed him his own meat and then tell him what it is
    But make him drink the blood that isn't his
    Let him break, but continue to make him cry
    Just because he sees the demon glint in your eye

    Rip off the arms and hang them like bloody charms
    Rip off the legs just to make sure he begs
    Rip off the head and make sure he's dead
    Rip out the heart just to make him fall apart