• I've seen a glimpse of a little girl, the one who plays inside.

    She longs so much to just be held,
    yet, she tries so hard to hide.
    With her walls of steel
    and her fortress of brick,
    in her fears, she cries and pleads.

    She begs the daddy she longs to love,
    to come and set her free.

    She cuddles in a corner with a thoughtless mind;
    the hurts of the past all bound inside.

    Her heart holds fast,
    with a hopeless stare,
    to find a daddy who really cares.

    When would he come?

    What will he see?

    How will I know if he really loves me?
    Will he expect me to change or be someone I'm not?
    Will he dry all my tears and answer my thoughts?

    With a broken heart and empty arms,
    she's fighting back the fears.
    Daddy, can't you hear?
    I want to laugh, what will you say?
    Deep in my heart, I want to play.

    But what about all of those times before,
    I wanted to then, but life shut the door.
    Daddy, it seems my past won't let me be me.
    I am trying my best without you.

    Oh, this little girl, the one who lives inside,
    her heart shines like the purest gold;
    She walks with the finest pride.
    Her beauty could easily overtake her;
    her hearts like that of glass.
    It's crystal clear, a gem inside,
    yet one small crack could last.

    If only I had a father,
    someone to say I care,
    someone to go beyond these walls.

    I often dream you're calling her,
    for then she's not alone.
    If only you could hold her,
    then, I am sure of it daddy,
    my heart would find a home.

    It seems with every morning,
    while looking in the mirror,
    it's there I find her standing staring back into my eyes,
    and daddy,
    all I see inside of me,
    is a lost little girl gazing back inside...

    and in that moment I realize,
    she's been hidden.

    I often find her dreaming,
    for words only daddy's say.

    It seems her heart is deep within me,
    this daughter you'd adore,
    or is the heart of a stranger?

    I don't really know, if I can trust you.
    I don't really know, if you love me.
    I can't go on like this anymore.
    I shut you out.

    I'm sorry I have,
    but you don't belong,
    in my heart.

    The little girl inside understands what I mean.
    I don't know anymore of you.
    So just..
    leave me alone