• Labels of the Shadow People:
    The Nobody's

    The Nobody's are faceless, pointless, purposeless, insignificant, and nameless

    They are never truly known as a friend or in other words lifeless puppets

    Only existing and only doing their master’s bidding

    It is sad that they are bereft of life in them physically, mentally

    Within there lies absolutely no positive emotion

    Emptiness, like a void, a vacuum in space makes up the fabric of their souls

    Trapped inside their stagnant minds are negative emotions of others

    Beautiful dolls, they have no care what your end (fate) is in the end

    Though strangely it is oftentimes their role to help others

    But it matters not if all hopes and dreams of the human are destroyed

    If a human heart must suffer pain and agony when only trying to do well
    This is their existence