• Colors,
    All around me,
    Confusing patterns,
    Dulling my sences,
    Confusing my mind,
    In my forest,
    In a tree,
    Its just the two of us,
    Him across from me,
    We're so high up,
    Theres a leaf in his hair,
    I lean closer twords him,
    He smells like crushed pine needles,
    I inhale deeply,
    He smells so good,
    I reach for the leaf,
    Removing it from his hair,
    I move away,
    Holding up the leaf,
    I lose myself,
    I lean twords him again,
    What am I doing?
    I move my face closer to his neck,
    This can't be right,
    I nuzzle him gently,
    He smells so good!
    What am I doing?
    I feel his lips against my neck,
    So soft and warm,
    I nuzzle him harder now,
    Becoming more lost,
    I feel his hand on my face,
    Just underneath my jaw,
    Tilting up my head,
    I'm facing him now,
    I get lost in his eyes,
    Warmpth now,
    His lips presing against mine,
    Kissing me now,
    I give in,
    Kissing him back,
    Lost in a shower of feeling,
    Whats going on?
    I pull away quickly,
    Looking at him with frightened eyes,
    What have we done?!