• As the breezy days go by,
    I am quickly getting older and weaker
    As the time flies.
    I remember when I was oh so young,
    I had so much fun.
    Being a beautiful, bright green and all,
    But now I know that we leaves must fall.
    The other leaf has just danced its way down,
    And CRUNCH! It is now gone.
    It is lonely being the only one,
    I see kids with their families while I am left with none.

    Everyday is quite the same,
    The wind would stop by
    And we’d play a game.
    The wind would whisper secrets, whistle, and tickle me,
    But then it moves on to the other tree.
    As I watch the wind and other leaf play,
    I feel like a lonely stray.
    The sun has just set and it is very dark.
    I begin to doze off while watching the river flow through the park.
    As I sleep I must hold on tight,
    I may struggle while I try to fight, fight, fight!

    The sun has risen and today’s a new day.
    Oh, I think I may be just too old to play.
    I have grown wiser and I now know,
    That is time for me to let go.
    I shut my eyes tight, and the next thing I know,
    I am twirling down the tree, somewhat very slow.
    As I gently hit the ground,
    I did not cry, nor frown,
    Because I know, that my new life will soon begin.