• It kills to know you're breathing
    And not feel your breath corres my lips
    Not to feel your gentle touch
    Running all across my body
    Exploring every corner
    Every flaw and every pleasure
    So accepting, and so caring
    So hard not to lose myself
    Impossible to keep it sane
    Drown me in my memories
    Flowing down into the bottom
    Hit the floor and burry me

    Just one more time
    One more chance
    I promise I won't let you down
    I promise I won't let you fall
    Not like last time, not this time

    Oh angel you're not any better
    Push me away in denial of...
    Your missery
    I know it hurts, it kills me too
    But let us fight just don't give up
    Don't let it die, don't die yourself
    I won't let you, I can't let you
    I will never leave your side
    If you're the sun, then I'm the roses
    reaching desperate for your touch
    And I'm your stalker, I'm your shadow
    I refuse to let it die.