• "Welcome Mrs.blaire,I'm Mrs.Berret."
    "Hi"I say.
    "Want to go first?" Says Mrs.Berret.
    I shrug.I don't want to.
    "Good. Class this is Amy Blaire,Amy would you act out this?-she hands me a book with monologes in it-
    "yeah."I say under a wisper,im shaking now.
    "The title is Oh My God."I read.
    as i act i feel stupid.stupid stupid.
    i sit back down as soon as im done.
    "Good Ms.Blaire,but you need improvement."Mrs.Berret says.
    but insted i sit quiet with a glare that can kill.
    behind me i here someone laugh.i turn around they stop.
    but guess who it was.A cheerleader.her name is Marcy
    whats so funny?i ask.
    You. freak.she says then her other cheerleader friends start laughing.
    the rest of class goes, the last one is Marcy.she is better than me, i feel like laughing at myself.
    BBBRRRIIINNNGGGGG.the bell rings.

    I run into emmet in the halls.
    He rides my bus.i missed it this morning and half of school, i got here at lunch time.

    Whats up? he asks as we walk to the bus.
    "nothing I had to act in Mrs. Berrrets today."

    "yeah she can be mean"he replys

    "tell me about it.a cheerleader named Marcy was there.she and her friends wheir laughing up a storm."

    "Her?god she can never be nice.shes head cheerleader you know."

    "she is? I just earned myself a whole team of bullys."
    we get on the bus.he calls for someone his sister perhaps?she looks like him pale black hair except she has a more gray blue eyes.

    "Amy this is Janie, Janie this is Amy"he smiles.
    "Hi, your new here? cool." she says.
    "hello,and no not so cool. what grade are you in?"
    "Im in tenth."she replys.
    We're the first bus stop.
    "where do you guys live?"
    "158 marketson st."Emmet replys
    "thats right next door from me."
    "i know i saw your parents moving stuff in.i did't see you on the bus this morning."
    "i was very late. infact i just got here when you said hi"
    "oh, cool"
    the bus stops.we get off and start walking to our house,but we pass his house and only Janie goes in
    I get to my house,and i turn around about to say good bye but he says:
    "eight tonight?"
    i forgot about our date.perfict
    "yeah.what movie are we going to see?"
    "i don't know yet we can look when we get their, we can walk its suppost to be nice out tonight. and ist not far."
    "ok bye"
    he walks away i go inside.

    "hi honey your home!"my mom says
    "how was your first day?"

    "good i reply im not going to be here tonight i have a date."
    "what?"she comes over.
    but before she can ask questions i bolt for my room.
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