• Matters of the hearts
    are hard to understand.
    Everyone tries.
    No one succeeds.
    So complicated, so confusing.
    A web of lines connecting every thought, feeling, and emotion.

    Love, an enigma.
    A chess match.
    But I am not the player.
    I am a pawn.
    A simple defender of what I cherish.
    The rooks, my fears.
    The bishops, my hopes.
    The knights, my dreams.
    The queen is my mind
    The king is my heart.
    The goal of all the pieces is to protect the king.
    Fate controls the pieces, moving us around the gameboard.
    Once the king is trapped, with nowhere to go
    I've lost.

    Fate has lead me to defeat.
    I wonder if fates wants me to lose,
    Because if I win the game is over.
    Fate loses control. Loses its grip on the pieces.
    The king and queen can live together
    Without fear of the isolation of one
    Leading to the destruction of the other.