• O’ dreaming boy
    Tell me how you sleep tonight
    How vivid is your darkness
    Who do you become in sleep
    Who’s life do you imagine
    O’ dreaming boy
    All behind your shut eyes
    What new worlds, what universes
    What glimpse can you give me
    Of realms undefined
    O’ dreaming boy
    Can I have a peak
    A look at your subconscious
    Can I skip from story to story
    And string them together
    The way your mind might
    O’ dreaming boy
    Do you dare to wake up?
    Do you even want to?
    You’ll return to the real world
    The one we must live in awake
    O’ dreaming boy
    Sleep as you may
    Wake up when you must
    But do return to me
    And tell me how you dreamed