• There sits a gray old man,
    He's all alone,
    This is not his home.
    Soon his curtain will fall,
    And soon a beckoning voice will call.
    But for now he sits alone,
    A pen in his hand,
    And he writes a list,
    So when he leaves with the coming tide,
    He'll remember what he wants to do on the other side.
    To all he forgot before, he'll forgive.
    He'll thank his parents for the life he was able to live.
    He'll say hello to all his old friends.
    He won't forget to say "I love you" to his kids.
    And before every night falls,
    He'll dance with his wife.
    Now the clock is ticking away,
    He knows tonight might be his last chance to pray,
    So he puts his hands together and this is what he said:
    "To anyone out there listening, I just have one last thing to say.
    To all I forgot before, I'll forgive.
    I'll thank my parents for the life I was able to live.
    I'll say hello to all my old friends.
    I won't forget to say 'I love you' to my kids.
    And before every night falls,
    I'll dance with my wife."
    So he crawls into bed,
    He lays down his head,
    And with a smile on his face,
    He falls into dreams.
    He dreams of childhood,
    Of his first kiss,
    And of holding his children.
    Then before he slips into eternity,
    He dreams of his wife,
    And they're dancing.