• You hurt me but I don’t care
    you used me and I could care less
    You beat me and I stopped feeling
    DO I love you? take a guess

    I cut myself today
    But I didn’t draw blood
    I cut the inner me
    And away the emotions flood

    I cut off my emotions to the world
    Becuse you hurt me so much
    A broken heart from you
    I got sick from your touch

    A chill you send down my spine
    Whenever you talk to me
    A pain in my chest when I see you
    Because your face I cant stand to see

    But I don’t hate you I hate myself
    for letting your words hurt
    for killing you so slowly
    and then burying you in the dirt

    I should have burned you for what you did
    I should have slaughtered you
    I should have slit your ******** throat
    And then what would I do?

    Id flip out and beat myself
    Because I killed another one
    your one of the many people who have hurt me
    So I wasn’t killing you for fun

    So you no I m locked up
    for 25 years to life
    just because I killed you…

    if I don’t write this s**t down
    my thoughts will be come real
    because I have been hurt so much
    I’ll tell you how I feel

    I will promise to stop hurting myself
    Instead I’ll hurt you back
    If you hurt me inside
    Ill slit your ******** throat

    All of this I’ll do because you hurt me
    So… what do you have to say?
    your mouth is shut for once are you stunned?
    But even if you say your sorry I’ll still make you pay

    So ******** off and leave me alone
    Before you really get hurt
    Because I have no problems with slitting your throat
    and leavin you in the ******** dirt